What we do

Below are our areas our expertise. We partner with our clients to build great products.

Web Development

Web applications development is one of our primary areas of focus. We build solid, beautiful and functional web solutions using popular technologies including Node.js, C#, React, Angular and more. From simple MVPs to highly complex business systems - we can build it with you.

Mobile Development

We build mobile applications using the popular open source Ionic framework with either an Angular or React front end. We are pixel perfect perfectionists and make good on our promise to deliver the wow factor your app needs generate loads of loyal fans.


Our tried and true development processes for developing websites and apps works for any industry and is easily adapts to companies of any size. We’ve worked with companies from financial, insurance, e-commerce, consumer products, healthcare, real estate, government and many others.


Need help developing your product roadmap? Leverage our expertise to efficiently and effectively clarify and define the product solution. This will enabled full alignment of all the project stakeholders and get the scope and product roadmap set as our foundation for success.

Web Design

Kevant is not only a team of great engineers, but top notch web designers as well. We treat every web design project as if we were building our own web presence. We strive to deliver as much "wow" factor as possible.