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We build elegant and functional solutions using Node.js, C#, Angular, React and more.


Web / Mobile

We deliver apps on time. Functional, flawless and easy to use.


We are Node.js experts, but building great products would not be possible without knowledge and extensive usage of many other things, e.g. Express, REST/GraphQL, Bootstrap/Material UI, React/Angular, PostgreSQL, MongoDb, Cloudflare, AWS, Heroku and many-many more.


Front-end programmers at Kevant follows OOCSS principles to organize CSS across large-scale projects. Our experts write truly modular, reusable code and effectively collaborate with the team. Within the knowledge sharing culture, our developers review each others work on every code commit to ensure consistency.


We’re always on the edge of the technology trends and now actively using Ionic in our mobile projects. Even more, Kevant engineers have contributed to varios open source frameworks. Our own enterprise level application development platform, SonicJS is our “secret sauce” for delivering apps faster and cheaper than our competitors.


All back end are not created equally. Only experienced engineers can build backend system that not only function as designed, but function flawlessly under heavy load. Our engineers have extensive experience both with traditional hardware infrastructure as well as modern cloud based platforms such as AWS, Heroku and Google Cloud. We are experts in caching, messaging, database tuning, page load optimization, and many other tools required to promote a blazingly fast user experience. We are also careful not to over-engineer and always take the total cost of ownership and maintenance burden associated to each component in the tech stack.

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